Moss melts a hardened heart





At the dawn of spring, dainty sporophytes form after a sexual encounter of a moss kind.  The lens captures what few will see; unless, of course, you are one of the chosen ones — chosen to grow moss, because you can.


Our old dish garden friend Mellow Yellow, sports sporohytes, ready to spew forth spores, allowing the moss to dance in the circle of life.


Imagine minute fields of sporohytes blowing their weight in the wind soon releasing the next generation of spores.  With this inch, you grow smiles.  Imagine, too, lightly touching the tops of these sporohytes, feeling the energy of the next generation.


Perhaps this picture of Polytrichum commune, will instill a desire in you; actually growing this moss, no doubt, will make a believer out of you.  Moss melts a hardened heart.


This moisture loving moss, Polytrichum commune, will acclimated to many shade and soil types.  Dished up, like we did with Mellow Yellow, it becomes a moveable feast.


Has moss melted your heart lately?



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